Schlagzeile: Personal/Help 26. 11.03

Dear Vera, Greetings. How would you advise me to go forward, I mean take the righttrack. On 10-03-03 I started listening to Bill Harris Awakeing Prologueand he advertised to me GENIUS CODE, I pruchase same and I was invited totry MEMORY OPTIMIZER and I did. Thats why I E-mailing you. I am Guyanese andI never went to College. I never took the time to read anything you spokeabout on the Optimizer Course so I am at a loss as to where to start, becauseon the GENIUS CODE all I am seeing is Blackness in trying for imaginationand previously trying to learn BALL ROOM Dancing, as soon as I was told theSteps, I forgot.
====== the was dancing is taught ist NOT brain-friendly, so many people find it difficult (80% of these are male). the best way to learn to DO something is how children intuitively learn:
LOOK (long and get the FEEL by looking, I mean many hours or get good videos with the dances you want to learn. nowadays you might even tape some dancers yourself?TRY TO IMITATE the movement at first in SLOW MOTION, by yourself. you need no one to command you, no one to correct any mistakes. do it by yourself or with a couple of friends you TRUST.
when you can imitage the movements SLOW - EVER SO SLOW - sontinue practicing. you are trying to remain SLOW although you can't. slowly your speed is going to pick up - you can hardly resist. but this slowly speeding up will happen in tune with your real ability. it will not be unpleasant at all.
WHEN you reach the "normal speed" of that particular dance continue your training a little while longer, until you COULD dance more quickly than this dance is normally danced.
NOW you play the music and begin to DANCE with it.
Use the same approach whenver you are learning MOVEMENT - in sports or certain things you might have to learn for your working life. try to get it on video and learn IN YOUR OWN TIME. once you can DO it, you may want to ask someone to judge and correct any mistakes (if you wish for a certain amount of perfection) but in the case of dancing on the ballroom-floor in order to socialize this would not be necessary.good luck and let me know what happens?

From your patience and craving in Education and People, tome you are "the" Phenomenal Woman in whole and I need your Help. Thanks for that help should you get a chance to read this Mail.Lloyd