Stichwort: Sound-Paser (31.7.02)

Ein insider schrieb: Mrs. Birkenbihl, you wrote in your book Das "neue" Stroh im Kopf about the Sound-Paser. Write me back please, where I can buy the Sound Paser and how much kosts it. I am from the Czech republic.
Where can I find any information on www? Does the Sound Pacer exist for CD? Thank you very much.
========= I am not sure whether there are still any around, but
1. the spelling is sound PACER (maybe they made a mistake in the translation of my book), to PACE has to do with measurungspeed. thus IF you will find anything on the internet, you will under sound PACER.
2. nowadays, it is possible to "record" via PC (or to dumprecordings onto your harddisk) and then to change the speed ELECTRONICALLY. if the data have been recorded or changed into DIGITAL DATA this can be done without any strange effects. you can slow down und speed up to your heart's content. further more you can play various speeds back to mc or cd and listen to it anywhere - away from the PC.
maybe this helps??
have fun!