Stichwort: vfb published in english? (19.8.02)

Eine insiderin schrieb: Hi! Unfortunatelly, i can not write in german language. I am from Romania, i know very little german. I just finished reading one of Vera Birkenbihl book - about trainning communication and i found it extremely interesting.
======== i do hope that they wrote my name correctly: vera f. birkenbihl (the "f." in the middle is part of my name, please. thank you)

So, i tried find more on internet about Vera Birkenbihl and her books.
========== vera f. birkenbihl...

I am a student in communication and very interested in this field and in the field of public relation and interpersonal relations.
========== free lesson: the name of the people are important, at least to them, especially people with "famous" or at least "well known" names interpret mistakes here as "not enough interest in my name....?". end of free lesson.

But, i can not have acces to the information and books on this site because unknowing german language is a real obstacle. My questions are: there is a site or some books/articles wrote by Vera and published in English? Please, be kind and give me some recammandation/adresses.
========== please look to the RIGHT of my picture on the home page and push the INTERNATIONAL button. you find little in english so far (one great tape course about memory i published in the usa) but we are going to add some translations of some of the texts on this web-site, for people like you. ok? where you present at the university when they played one of my video-speeches and I answered the questions of the attenteeds life afterward? because they wanted to translate the video into your language - I have not heard anything from them since. in case you know something, let me know please...

I want to thank very much by this way , to Vera , for the great and utile books she wrote. I hope to be read by more and more people.
========= thank you. my basic book about learning (the so called "Straw-book" alone has sold over 1/2 million in german alone...), the new INNER ARCHIVE has 14.500 pre-ordered copies, so things are moving nicely...
greetings, vfb

Best wishes, Clara

Answer: i appologies Thank you very much for your reply and for the free lesson you gave me. I appologies because i wrote your name incompletely...yes, i know very well that the name is important, but somepeople does not pay attention to such things by rush, or...because they does not consider so essential this kind of...details...or... because acting/writting in a less formal style, they feel closer by the person they speak with...  We are different and we act/react in different ways... Any way, sorry,again, if i offended you. ========== it's ok, now you know.

I pushed from my first visit on your site on Internationalbutton, but... there are only few books translated in English,and i am not interested in them. I am ESPECIALLY interested inyour books about Transactional analisys and nonverbal communication.
======== sorry, that is not my major work. my specialty is brain research, memory, increasing intelligence and creativity, problem solving etc. the other things i did in my last life(1968 - 1976), sorry. not anymore.

I know that your books are read around of world by milion peoples. Unfortunately, in my country (Romania) only 3 books of yours were translated and published. And, once again unfortunately, they were published in too less copies, two years ago.  By chance!!! i found a book of yours in a library, and i was so pleased to find out about you and your so wideactivity in helping people to developp themselves, that isearched on internet, i saw your site, and... now i arrivedagain to my problem: i dont speak german and i am dissapointed that i cant read more articles and books of you...
========= well, if you look into the INTERNATIONAL section from time to time you shall find a bit more. presently there is also a tape course, as you know - great stuff on memory (based on the brain research of the nineties)

so, i have to start learning german (i saw your special method of learning foreign languages) wait that some publishers in Romania to publish, someday, many of yours books.
======== you keep saying books, have you never consideres learning by audio-tape (like on long trips by car, on longwalks etc.? it's a great way of learning. you can stay a few weeks with one course, having listened several times and in your case, it would be advanced training in english on top ofthe contents....
what do you think?
best wishes

with respect, Clara Stefan